Bordesley Independent School boss banned from teaching

Bordesley Independent School boss banned from teaching

The owner of an unregistered school that had “no running water” and leaflets titled “Islam and terrorism?” has been banned from teaching.

Naveed Hussain, 39, the owner of Bordesley Independent School, was handed a prohibition order preventing him from working as a teacher.

The school was criticised by inspectors over child safety and the quality of its education.

An inspection found the school had no running water in the toilet area.

A professional conduct panel heard on one visit to the Birmingham school, inspectors found leaflets titled “Islam and terrorism?”, written by an individual that “had been found to have been denied access to the UK due to his extremist views”.

“Rooms were unkempt and/or unhygienic and/or cold and/or inadequate for the delivery of the curriculum suitable for the age of the young people attending the school (11-16 years)”, the report said.

Inspections also found the RE curriculum only dealt with Islam “to the exclusion of any other religions”.

‘Some remorse’

Mr Hussain qualified as a teacher in 2006 and set up the business that ran Bordesley Independent School in September 2014.

The panel concluded Mr Hussain’s conduct “fell significantly short of the standards expected of the profession”.

The report said: “Whilst the conduct found against Mr Hussain took place not when he was teaching but instead running a school, he was also a teacher of some experience and the panel considered that a strong public interest consideration in declaring proper standards of conduct in the profession was also present.

“The conduct found against Mr Hussain was outside that which could reasonably be tolerated.”

“In evidence, Mr Hussain did show some remorse and insight into his failings as well as appreciating that some of the concerns raised by Ofsted were not dealt with appropriately and that he would act differently in the future.”

Mr Hussain can apply for the ban to be lifted in two years’ time.

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